16 July 2009

Ask the Magic 8 Ball or an Ode to an 8 Ball...

I quite like my Magic 8 Ball I got from a co worker a couple of years ago as a Secret Santa present. Whoever gave it to me has given me hours of fun with my team asking it silly questions and it's even been used as a bowling ball for a game of office ten pin bowling once!

It's been a fun addition to my desk and it's just a bit more clutter around my computer at work and when I've been incredibly bored at work it's been fun to use it to see if it can predict the future.

I don't fully know if it's ever been that accurate at anything, but I've certainly had fun playing with it in the couple of years I've had it as an addition on my desk.

I once heard that a guy one of my workmates knows of or heard of or something along those lines, once spent a day or a week or something silly like that using a Magic 8 Ball to make every decision he had to make. That must have been a bit of a challenge as the ball can be very vague with it's answers.

Though if you play with it enough, you can learn how to ask the questions that will fit it's answers.

For example I asked mine earlier if the weather was going to clear up in time for the weekend, and it gave me the answer "Outlook good," which I hope comes correct as the weather forecast as I've seen it paints a different and wetter picture at the moment.

Though I do think that predicting weather comes down to looking at the information a computer can provide from things like radar etc and a Magic 8 Ball to tie it all together...

Oh and yep, I'm just writing this for the hell of it. There is no purpose to this posting!

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