30 July 2009

Manx Cats - The best cat breed in the world

Seeing as I haven't posted anything new lately, I thought I would write about my cat.
Well not really about him, but about the breed of cat that he is. Actually it's a bit about both him and his breed!`

He's a Manx Cat. But not a purebred one thankfully. I'm not a fan of those pure breed cats really, I'm a cat person, but I like cats for their companionship and personally feel that having a pedigree cat is a bit like owning a Ferrari and just reeks of being snobbish!

He's just a normal cat with his tabby markings. But one of his parents (I think his mother), was a proper Manx cat and that is how he and his siblings all turned out as tailless cross breeds that just make perfect pets.

He's seriously my best friend at home if not out of home too (sorry everyone else who is my friend, but he does depend on me more than I think you all do!). I've heard of Manx being referred to as the "Dog-Cat" and I totally agree with this statement.

He follows me around the house like a little dog and while dogs can bark and wag their tails to communicate, he seems to be able to use his eyes and his big 'voice' (his meow) to tell me what he wants. And I do get it right about 75% of the time with what he wants/needs/is demanding I do for him.

There have been many times where he has followed me or another member of my family down the street and either lost me/them when he became distracted by something else he found along the way and then later made his way home again, or has seen him patiently waiting for our return at the point where he lost us along the way.

Sometimes this has however meant we have to go looking for him several hours later and then carry him home as he's been waiting for so long that when we find him he's too tired to want to trott home beside us and demands to be carried in our arms!

He's also the perfect lap warmer and just about every night he will hop on my lap and sit there happily for several hours, whether I like it or not! In fact as I write this, he's on my lap purring away.

I got him at aged 7 months in January 2000, so he's been with me for 10 and a half years now and sadly he's getting old, though at the moment you wouldn't know it as he's still very much active, but I do wish he could live a longer life as I would love him to be around for the rest of my natural life instead of leaving me one day like he sadly will through death.

I have never had to train him, which is most likely a good thing as I wouldn't know where to start, so him being toilet trained when I got him was a great start in our friendship as he prefers to go outside when he needs to. Other than that he's fully house trained and there is nowhere in the house that isn't off limits to him. He decided right from the beginning of our friendship that he was the big boss and that I was just his slave to look after his well being. It's an arrangement that I must say works well and I wouldn't change it!

I will however always view the Manx breed of cat as the best breed of all cats and thanks to my best friend here, I've decided that I will always have a cat in my life and I've vowed it will always be a Manx cat :)

So to Mr. Cat, I want you to know how much you mean to me as my friend and pet and I hope I can have many more years of fun and companionship together before we must finally and sadly part ways.

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