22 July 2009

The Stig

I've decided I want to find out who the "Stig" on Top Gear really is.

There is no real reason why I want to know, seeing as I hardly really watch Top Gear these days, but because the media from time to time says "so and so racing car driver is the Stig" makes me more intrigued.

Surely it can't be that hard to figure out who he is. If only they could figure out his exact height and then compare him to other drivers along with other factors etc, then I'm sure the answer would be known, if not fully ever admitted. Though I'm hoping it's some undiscovered driver and when the time is right they'll unveil this person to the world, but dreams are free and sometimes I have an over active imagination.

It appears that whoever "The Stig" is has a contract with the BBC and the shows producers and production company etc to not publicly admit they are the "Stig," given that the one who appears on the show currently is the "Second Stig," and because I've read about who the first one apparently was and because they published an autobiography about it, which saw them 'killed off' in the show and replaced with the current and still unknown one.

You could almost call the "Stig" the Top Gear version of an MI6 Agent - Their version of an "International Man of Mystery."

If I never find out who the current "Stig" is, I doubt I won't care, but it would be fun to find out and publish the info on this Blog first before anyone else does. That would surely get me some visitors to this quiet corner of the Internet, but I'm happy in this quiet corner of the Internet as I'm currently just learning about Blogs and Blogging, but I sure am having lots of fun already.

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