23 August 2009

My view on John Key's plan to change the way we travel to and from Australia

As no doubt you are currently aware, plans are afoot to make travel between New Zealand and Australia a lot easier or as it's been coined by the press "similar to domestic flights within New Zealand."

This is certainly exciting times if this does happen as it will make travel for business or pleasure between our two countries far easier.

I won't go into full details about the plans, but I will say that I am totally for them.

However, I do wish it could be done in conjunction with a currency union between New Zealand and Australia like how the EU have done it as it makes sense to me in this case and would make travel between the two a lot easier, especially if you have to travel at the last minute for example.

But I will look at the next few months with interest in this issue, as you never know what might happen next on this exciting plan that Mr Key has hatched. So far it's the only thing he's done that I've actually liked, but I'm not that into aligning myself with any particular political party.

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