01 August 2009

My views on the New Zealand Legal System with regards to prisioners

Recently I came across a group of what I will call loons in Wellington, New Zealand.

I call them loons because the group firmly believes that the best way to deal with New Zealand's prison population and their rehabilitation is to abolish prisons altogether.

This is sadly stupid as they basically believe in anarchy in my view. I have not spoken to any members of the group, nor seen or heard of what they stand for but from reading the sign they stuck up on a house that borders Wellington's State Highway One (Wellington Inner City Bypass), they sound like they are far too outlandish or possibly a crazed cult in my view.

However, it got me thinking about my views on crime and punishment in New Zealand as I think New Zealand is far too relaxed on some crimes in this country and the punishments and penalties are just too little, too late and that they just encourage the criminals to do it again. They don't go far enough in many cases and I doubt many people ever feel remorse for their crimes.

One example I will cite is the case of Clayton Weatherston. Personally I think he needs the electric chair as I think he has some serious issues in his head and that prison will not rehabilitate him at all.

He's possibly the most arrogant and stuck up criminal in New Zealand currently. His defence in his trial was a joke and thus I am glad he is locked up now for a long time. The fact that he stabbed his girlfriend to death 216 times and then says he cannot remember it and that she provoked him is NOT an acceptable defence in this case at all and I wish he was just taken out behind the police station and shot at point blank range after his trial for the way he shocked the nation here in New Zealand.

Life sentences in New Zealand should mean exactly that - Life in prison, only leaving when you are dead and in a box being taken to the graveyard. For some reason it's actually 10 or 20 years or two thirds of the sentence before being released on parole for the rest of the sentence or even for life. However I hear of people who just disappear off their parole officers books somehow.

New Zealand's youngest criminal, the murderer of Pizza Delivery man Michael Choy; Bailey Kauraiki should just never be allowed out of jail. Sentenced before he was 15 to a jail term, he's clearly become a hardened and institutionalized criminal from what I have read in the media about him and how he attacked his girlfriend and his drug problems. He just shows people that we New Zealander's just don't seem to care about things like this. Well I do and I wish he was never released back into the community and the media spotlight like he's some sort of celebrity as all he's doing is encouraging copy cat crimes in this country.

I feel I may get some backlash on this and before I continue, I wish to advise you that I am entitled to free speech and I encourage you to finish reading before commenting please.

The third of these cases I am going to present for my argument is the case of "Pumpkin." The father of this child is a complete nutter like Clayton Weatherston and I am still shocked he murdered his wife and dumped her body in a car and then took his daughter to a Melbourne railway station (which I have been to in my travels) and just left her there.

This man is clearly not fit to breathe on this earth with his incredible way of committing a crime in both New Zealand and Australia and then fleeing to The United States of America shows he is truly arrogant and only cares about himself and not about others at all with his actions.

It's a pity he was extradited back here to New Zealand, as I would have instead sent him to a US State that enforces the Death Penalty and had him executed within a week of being sentenced for his crimes.

I know that the death penalty actually costs more to administer than just keeping someone behind bars for the rest of their natural lives with no chance of parole, but these two cases and the one I'm about to mention to me should be given this penalty

The last case I am going to bring up is the case of Graeme Burton. I personally hate this man with a vengeance even though I have never met him. Not that I would want to ever meet him.

He is the best example I can show you of New Zealand's prisons failing us. He was never rehabilitated. And as soon as he got out, he began reoffending and went on a rampage in Lower Hutt City in early 2007. He should have been removed from this earth with a lethal injection years ago as once again, all he's doing is making crime look cool to people who don't understand that crime is wrong and thus encouraging more of this to happen.

I truly do think that there will be a round three crime spree from this man, and I do wish the Police officer who shot him in Lower Hutt in January 2007 had not aimed for the leg, but for the head of Burton personally. I'd not have reacted angrily or called for the officers removal from the force if they had shot and killed him. Instead he now has one missing leg that we the New Zealand tax payer will no doubt pay for a fake leg to be fitted. And to see photos of his trial in 2007 with all those security personnel around him shows me that he should have been executed after the trial and not put into New Zealand's only Maximum Security Prision in Auckland with other hardened criminals.

So I'll close this rant with a thank you message for Antonie Dixon. If you hadn't died in prison, then I think you would have been eventually back on the streets like Graeme Burton found himself and you would have just gone back straight into offending and possibly just copied your last stunt and cut off more arms with samurai swords and shot more people with your make shift sawn-off shotgun.

All these criminals should never see outside a prison again. Though with Dixon dead, I think we just saved the New Zealand taxpayer money as he clearly had some mental health issues. Though I am also saddened that he was not given the help he clearly needed in his life, even if it was never going to get through his thick skull.

Now I know that each of these people have backgrounds that I only know bits about, but frankly I don't give a damn about their backgrounds. I am just rather annoyed at how violent New Zealand is becoming each year and it saddens me. I know New Zealand isn't perfect, but this rant is not pro the death penalty at all. It's more this:

I feel the death penalty should be used in exceptional circumstances and as a wake up call to other criminals that we will not tolerate their crimes in our nation at all. I hope that it's use would instead shock the criminal underworld enough to disappear and for people with anger issues to actually seek help for their anger issues before they snap and go on a rampage like these people and thus incur my anger and disgust at their crimes.

To reiterate what I am trying to say: If you commit a serious murder/rampage/killing spree or take hostages, or just anything that shocks this small nation of four million people in general with your crimes, I think you should be given death to send shock-waves to the criminal underworld that we will NOT tolerate this stuff in our nation.

Other than this viewpoint, I am actually quite a pacifist. I just do not like how New Zealand is changing with the onslaught of the drug "P" and I also know people who have been the victims of muggings and have seen how nothing has been done to apprehend the criminals involved in these cases. By using this method in some cases, I do think it will make people aware that New Zealander's will no longer stand by and that the 'wet bus ticket' approach to sentencing is just one part of the process of dealing with you.

I also do not belong to the Sensible Sentencing Trust and I don't ever plan to. Same with politics. I refuse to take a stand on that. I just want criminals to pay for their crimes and for New Zealand to be a safer place.

And Amensty International - I know that this isn't a good topic for either of us, but I do understand your organisations views, but I wish you guys would support tougher sentences in developed nations like New Zealand as well as seeking to stop torture and free political prisoners etc

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