03 August 2009

Why the trains are better than battling Wellington traffic

Despite all the bad press the Wellington region's trains lately, I have now seen just how much better they are verses Peak Hour traffic North Bound on State Highway Two to Lower Hutt.

I boarded a Valley Flyer Route 83 bus outside my office on Manners Street, Central Wellington tonight at 1715 hours.

At 1815 hours, I disembarked at Queensgate Lower Hutt.

Total travel time, ONE HOUR!

Now with the train and a walk from work to the Wellington station and from the station to home, that's pretty much a total of an hour give or take in general.

So naturally I'm puzzled as to why this bus and then walk home took so much longer. From where I sat on the bus, I could see just how congested the streets around me were with people and vehicles and that's a big contributing factor in this.

Though it became more noticeable when we got just past Wellington Railway Station on Old Hutt Road. It was 1730 when we got there and from then to 1755 or so, we slowly moved in traffic onto State Highway Two where we picked up speed.

I can't honestly say that I think we reached the New Zealand top legal speed of 100 kilometers at all during my journey and that amazed me as I now have to wonder why people keep telling me the trains and buses are better than the trains!

I can't see what they mean and speed wise, the train just easily zips by all the traffic and most likely went faster than the bus tonight did!

Though I am being told that the traffic was heavier than normal thanks to an accident in Melling, Lower Hutt and because many train commuters are opting to take their cars this month after becoming frustrated at the delays which in a way have become far too many lately.

But still I do think that I'll stick to the trains in the end. First I have to survive this month so I'm in for many more bus rides methinks in addition to taking the train just so I can get home as fast as I possibly can

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