14 March 2010

What's been happening

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted anything up here since the 6th of January.

I feel quite a bit has happened since I last wrote anything here.

I finally did get a phone line and internet at my flat, but I'm amazed at how the company I first tried to get it with, wasted a month of my time and kept sending me bills when they couldn't provide me with service. I'll refer to them as "Company A" for now.

Well after the second invoice and subsequent phone call to "Company A" by me, I contacted "Company B" who within 30 minutes had me connected to the phone and two days later I had internet access when their free wireless modem showed up. Telling "Company A" to get lost was one of the best things I've done this year I tell you.

"Company B" sure know how to run a landline and internet operation. Pity "Company A" (I won't name them as I just can't be bothered really) has a terrible cell phone network that I got off of and am now using the mobile services of "Company C."

Then in more recent news, I managed to win the first 'employee of the month' for my company, though it's not actually called that at my company. The fact that I won this a couple of days after my birthday was just fantastic.

Now I've been exploring the area I live in now for some views of the area and I've found some. Now I've only got a few months left before I might be moving somewhere else so I had best get outside while the weather is still good and record the views for myself with my camera. The reason I say I might be moving is because my lease is up in June and I can either roll it over from month to month or move on.

I'm looking at moving on for the fact that my girlfriend who I live with has scored herself a new job and we think it would be a great idea to be closer to her work as she needs to drive for her job, while I only need to use the train to get to and from work.

So pretty exciting times ahead for me I think.

Till next time, take care :)

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