05 January 2011

The appeal of black cats vs. the appeal of tabby cats

Recently (as in yesterday), a comment on my blog was left asking about the appeal of black cats.

It appears that the poster of this comment is under the impression that I'm a fan of black cats; that is incorrect.

I am in fact a huge fan of any cat, as long as it's friendly towards me. That of course means that about 98% of cats I encounter in my daily life (somewhat less cats per day than in previous years though) appeal to me as they want a stroke or pat.

The other 2% are either too shy and timid or have major attitude problems and seem to think that I as a human are trying to do something untoward them.

So, to finish this public "media" statement and thus set the record straight I have the following prepared statement that my solicitor has approved for publication:

"If it is a friendly cat, regardless of colourings, markings, size, length of tail or lack of tail, they will be attempted to be patted by me as long as they want and I can spare the time. I have no colour preference and I think the current issue before the "media" on this is because I happen to have two cats that I regularly pat. One a grey and black tabby and the other a black cat. The "media" uproar also seems to have come about due to my recent adoption of a small puppy of the Jack Russell cross variety; which clearly questions my loyalty to the keeping of cats. I feel that I have the perfect opportunity to raise a dog that is tolerant of cats and is thus able to preach to other dogs about animal harmony.

There will be no further correspondence entered into this matter! :P"

DISCLAIMER: This post is just for something to post on this blog and is meant totally tounge in cheek. It fits nicely into this blogs title of "Life, the Universe and Everything" and the view on this blog of being a bit like the classic TV show "Seinfeld"

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