01 February 2011

It's February already?

It's February already?!

Wow - last month was pretty busy and full on then in that case :)

Been using Ubuntu 10.10 for nearly four months full time at home in this case also. Pretty impressed with that if I do say so myself.

Plus I now have a 68GB Dropbox account as I splashed out for the 50GB paid account so I can backup files on Becky's and my computer. The reason I have 68GB is due to having maxed out my referrals to friends and families and Dropbox reward me with extra space when they sign up (along with other things to get this 18GB extra)

I've also become a big fan of the 3-2-1 Backup method.

How it works is to have two back ups, each on a different medium. So I have a portable hard drive that I keep away from the computer as much as possible and Dropbox to backup my files. In the long term, I wouldn't mind having another computer off site (say at work - I wish) to sync and back up to, or to get into the habit of having two portable hard drives and keeping the most up to date one back up wise off site and alternating them as I go.

But that might be overkill to some of you, but I think it's a good idea to me as I didn't lose a thing when Windows Vista died on my now four year old laptop, as it was all backed up. And yes I could have restored Windows back to how it was (or as close to it as my back up images of the hard drive were), but I decided against it until I buy a new machine with Windows 7 so have abandoned Windows till then.

When I do get a new computer with Windows, I still think I'll use Ubuntu Linux more though :)

And Dropbox is far more than just backup, but I'm mainly writing this to remind myself to do a few things, as well as just to write something here :)

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