26 March 2011

Matangi's finally begin running

The first Matangi to enter service FP4103 & FT4103 prepare to run the 0905 Tranz Metro service to Upper Hutt on 25 March 2011
A four car Matangi unit followed shortly behind the scheduled service unit to test the multiple operation of the units. It was not in service and these two won't be in service for a wee while longer. How long I do not know
The 0905 service to Upper Hutt departs Wellington and enters the history books (the run before Christmas last year does not count as the unit was tested carrying passengers and only made one return run that day)
Heading out into the Wellington rail yards and the Hutt Valley...

Yesterday, History was recorded by myself at Wellington Railway Station as the first Matangi was accepted into service and began operations for Tranz Metro Wellington by running the 0905 service to Upper Hutt and return. I understand it made at least one more run to Upper Hutt after that and then a return run to Melling before being put away for the weekend in Wellington rail yards.

It is for the next week to be found on the 0905 service to Upper Hutt and return if you like me are still to partake in a ride.

A good friend of mine has so enjoyed these four photos I have posted that he has passed them onto the editor of a magazine devoted to urban transport for submission on my behalf. I do hope they get published, as I would get a free copy of this magazine as payment, which would be really awesome as I've never had a photo of mine published anywhere before.


  1. Well, my first ride on a Matangi wasn't that great. A lot smoother, but the train tilts on the bends, giving me the Bends so I think I prefer the shaking. I felt the cars were smaller than the Ganz. I couldn't see where the additional capacity was. I also felt squashed in my seat and my fellow passenger was not a large person. Back to the Ganz for the return trip.

  2. Hey, that's great if they do take your pictures, Eds. Let us know if it does happen.

  3. I think you just had teething troubles. The extra capacity comes from the carriages being longer and the low floor car area is able to carry a lot more (possibly 50% more standing passengers?) than a Ganz or ancient English Electric unit.