18 March 2011

What I'm up to currently

Well currently I'm on leave from work and I have been since the beginning of the month.

Got another week off work still to pass too which is great.

I made myself a list of things to do as part of my time off and I've done the vast majority of them. In fact one of the items on this list to do was to post something on this blog, which must be one of the quietest corners of the Internet!

Also on this list is to try post a blog with more than text in it (i.e. post some photos as well), but I'll see if I get onto this as I don't actually know what I should write about still!

I seem to really suffer from writers block. In fact when I had to recently make and then deliver a Best Man speech for my friend's wedding, I spent a month working on the speech all up and in the end didn't even bother to deliver what I had written as on the day I found impromptu speaking worked better than from my prepared speech

Another thing on my list is to look into my banking needs and look at the possibility of changing banks. This is something I recommend everyone look at as I'm amazed at what fees and services I could be using that I'm currently not as I wasn't aware of them.

Anyway, I think this is enough for now, but stayed tuned as when I can next sit down and write something, I would like to write about why I'm not looking forward to the next version of Ubuntu Linux at the moment. I have ideas in my head, but I need to sit down and think before I write. Plus I hope to fix why my blog posts don't get automatically posted to my Twitter by next time I check in here

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