11 January 2012

The joys of a Netbook

The other day I got back my Acer Aspire One Netbook from my brother.

I loaned it to him on long term loan about 18 months or so ago as I had no real use for it after my plans for a big European OE fell over after my trip to Australia in June 2009 (which was why I got it in the first place)

It's nice to have it back, but I've only got it back because it developed a system fault on the Windows XP partition of the machine and stopped working for him. Thankfully he has a back up as I managed to get Windows XP working again, but then it died on me too, so I decided to just wipe Windows XP and just book Ubuntu on it.

I may yet put Windows XP back on it and give it back to him as he has more use for it than I do, but that would involve spending money on an external DVD drive to do the job, and to be honest, I don't currently have the time or the money to do it and my brother doesn't want this computer back with Linux on it

So this post is more me testing out the machine while it does some system updates in the background. Linux/Ubuntu really does give these netbooks a real improvement in performance without the need to do crazy things like overclock them and Acer sure do make good Netbooks.

Another idea for this computer may also see me offering it to my father to try out as if I connect an external keyboard, monitor and mouse to it, I can make a simple desktop computer that he may enjoy using since his computer is now really reaching the end of it's useful life for him. So Dad if you read this, let me know if you are interested!

Till next time...

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