04 January 2012

My 2012 Goals - Reposted

I can’t believe I’ve yet again neglected this blog. But I guess it doesn’t really matter as it’s just a quiet corner of the Internet and I only know of about three people tops that will be likely to ever read this.

Not that I’m hiding anything, but more I’m just happy to quietly post on here from time to time or year to year!

Anyway, I thought it was high time I posted something, so here goes.


The following is my idea of my current 2012 goals – Well the ones I want to try share with the world. Please note that these are NOT New Year’s Resolutions, as to have those would imply that you are creating a new habit for example. No, these are instead goals I’d like to see if I can achieve.

  • Learn to finally drive a car.

I think it’s unfortunately time I got my licence and started driving. It would be good for things I’d like to do, though my fiancée and I only own one car and I think we’ll be many years from actually ever owning two cars.

And amazingly, a very good friend of mine (in fact one of my best friends) has volunteered her time to help me get this goal sorted, provided I also get a few lessons as well as she still worries she may teach me a bad habit or two. I’m more than happy to oblige there. But finding a driving instructor that can start me off in my part of Wellington is rather hard as you really need a large open area (such as an empty car park) for your first few lessons I believe.

  • Improve my photography skills.

I’ve recently been given a camera that is of similar yet also slightly different specs and brand to my Canon PowerShot A470 that I’ve now had for five years or so; as well as dug out an old Kodak “Winner” Pocket Camera that according to Google dates from 1979 that my parents let me have in the late 1990’s as well as a camera I was given by an older friend at my old model railway club. This camera is a gem though if I can get it going. It’s a Minolta SR-T 100 from 1975 or so according to Google and it’s the closest I’m likely to get to a SLR camera for many years due to the fact that even though I’d love one, a standard ‘point and shoot’ digital camera will do me fine.

So these four cameras will hopefully give me a bit of fun this year, particularly if I can get the Minolta SR-T 100 going and find cheap zoom lenses for it for example. The Kodak “Winner” Pocket Camera on the other hand doesn’t use 35mm film like the Minolta does (The “Winner” uses something called 110 film or 16mm film which I haven’t seen any of since 1999 when I shot my last roll that I had)

I would also like to with my digital cameras look at investing in a Gorilla Pod (or whatever they are called) mini tripod for my digital cameras, as I could then do interesting things like mount my camera using the tripod to a tree and try use a timer on my camera to get my photos, or just stabilise my viewpoint.

I would also like to try look at investing in larger SD cards inside the cameras (and my Android Powered Smartphone), or just replace the 8GB SD cards I have now with ones of Class 10 speed as the faster the camera speed, the more photos you can get. I currently have a Class 6 and Class 4 in the 8GB category. Don’t get me wrong, they are good cards as is, but I’ve been advised that I should really look at investing in the speed boost there as I’ll appreciate it.

Another idea I’ve had is to get a Class 10 8GB SD card that comes from a company called Eye-Fi. Basically SD cards from this firm are able to upload their data to your computer via Wi-Fi when you are in a Wi-Fi zone and your computer (or online file locker like Dropbox) is accessible to it. This would give me nearly limitless storage, but I’d still be a fool if I only carried one SD card.

  • Sort out my Flickr Photos.

I’ve taken several thousand photos since I first got my digital camera back in 2006 and it’s now becoming apparent to me that I’ve uploaded photos to Flickr in some cases more than once. I also need to weed them out as well as tidy up the captions as far too many have titles such as IMG_00026 or something like that and no description for people to look at and enjoy of my hobbies etc. So I must get that sorted this year I think.

But to start the ball rolling, any photos I take this year MUST ALSO be given better descriptive titles at the time of uploading off the camera onto my computer for upload to Flickr.

  • Scan my old photos of family, friends and my hobbies.

This one is actually one that is important to me, yet I’ve been a bit bad at it so far and have had days where I’ll spend all day on it and then days when I won’t. Basically I’ve decided that it’s a smart idea if I scan all the photos I have (as I don’t have negatives for many) into my computer and back them up. That way I can never lose my precious memories. And so far, I’ve found so many fantastic old photos I’d forgotten I had! So I can see why this is important, yet getting motivated to do it as it’s a bit of a slow process too is the hard bit. Maybe this will be a Winter job more than a Summer job for me.


Anyway, I think that’s enough to share with the world. Let’s hope I remember this post in twelve months time so I can see what I actually achieved or not so I can plan my 2013 goals. Though my 2013 goals will start from March most likely as I’m getting married in January 2013 to the most amazing girl and I think that January and February will see me focused on the Wedding and then Honeymoon!!

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