08 October 2016

A post to prove I'm still around

I can't believe I'm about to write this but no one reads this anyway and it's been so so long since I last bothered to post anyway...

Someone recently asked me to define friendship.

I actually struggled with the question and I still don't know why they asked. I think it was connected to the crossword puzzle they were doing however.

Anyway it's rattled me since, because I don't actually think I have any real friends or at least people I can consider a proper friend according to the definition in the dictionary and how I look at others and their friendships.

It never bothered me till that day, but now it does.

If you look at my phone, all my calls and messages are either to my lovely wife, other family or work related.

Emails are 100% work at work (but I think that's appropriate), and personally are just things I subscribe mostly.

Should I be concerned about this? Should I take a look at myself and try figure out how I got to this and how I can change it? Do I want to change it? I am focusing on my career and Fatherhood with a young family; should I just wait a while and look at this when my children are older?

Have I ever had any real friends?? I told a lot of people to get out of my life about ten years ago, but that's because I finally realised that I was being used by them.

I feel a lot better now I've written this.

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